Buying Bitcoins through the available payment methods

When you purchase bitcoins through BitDirect, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The purchase concerns digital goods (bitcoins) without a fixed value. When purchasing you agree to the value of the bitcoins as determined by BitDirect at that moment in time.
  • You are aware of the fact that the value of the purchase can fluctuate considerably. There is no guarantee for any value retention in the future.
  • The delivery of your bitcoins takes place through providing a signed bitcoin transaction to the recorded bitcoin address and broadcasting it to the Bitcoin network. We guarantee that we successfully create and provide the signed transaction and that we will send this transaction out onto the bitcoin-network. However, we have no influence over the further handling of the transaction by the network and the miners. In the exceptional case that something goes wrong during the processing of the transaction by the network, you are entitled to the support and assistance of BitDirect.
  • Bitcoin exchange rates are subject to fluctuations. We calculate the final amounts (in ZAR and bitcoins) at the moment when the payment procedure is initiated.
  • Payments made using the available payment methods, as well as a bitcoin transaction, cannot be undone and are irreversible. Entering in the correct information (destination bitcoin address, amount of bitcoins / ZAR) is your responsibility.
  • You should provide a bitcoin address to which you have access (from your wallet). It is not allowed to use our services for a direct payment to a webshop or other third party. If an address that belongs to a third part is provided, responsibility lies with the customer. BitDirect reserves the right to block the transaction and charge you any costs or rate differences.
  • In the case of suspected fraud or abuse, BitDirect reserves the right to suspend transactions from taking place until the legitimacy of the transactions has been verified.
  • Because of exchange rates, Bitcoins cannot be returned or exchanged. If you wish to abandon your purchase you can arrange for your ZAR to be returned to you (there are fees associated with this).
  • BitDirect assumes it sells to private consumers and therefore does not provide an invoice as standard. Business sales are not possible due to restrictions with the South African Reserve Bank.
  • BitDirect does not offer any guarantee that he/she can buy (back) your bitcoins in the future, neither can she give any guarantees on the amount she can offer for the bitcoins.
  • You are at least 18 years of age or you have the permission of a parent or legal guardian.
  • The secure storage of your bitcoins is your own responsibility. Advice given by BitDirect is purely informative and does not offer any guarantee.
  • When new customers place which to purchase bitcoin, they are required to go through a verification process.