Bitcoin Arbitrage

Due to South Africa’s currency controls the price of bitcoin in South Africa is more expensive than the price overseas. BitDirect has built an automated trading software that buys bitcoin overseas and instantaneously sells it in South Africa for a profit.

1. Register on our platform and complete the Fica requirements.
2. Deposit a minimum of R100,000 into the bank account we set up on your behalf with our banking partners.
3. BitDirect will complete approximately 10 automated trades over 4 weeks – 6 weeks, after each trade you will receive an automated email reflecting your profit.
4. You can also apply for your Foreign Investment Allowance (FIA) which will allow you to increase your trading limits to R10m p.a., significantly increasing your profits. Everybody is eligible for the R10m FIA allowance. We will submit the FIA application for you for free.
5. At the end of the process, we will return your profit and your principal investment to you.

BitDirect operates a Bitcoin float in South Africa, which means that the moment the bitcoin is bought with your funds overseas, the exact same amount of bitcoin is instantly sold in South Africa. Therefore, you are not exposed to bitcoin price fluctuations.

We use the oldest and most secure overseas exchange which has never encountered any security breaches. Whilst our trading software ensures your foreign exchange risk is minimised to an extremely small window of time on the day of the trade.

It takes 4 – 6 weeks to trade your R1m SDA, and if we apply for your R10m FIA, it can take 6 – 12 months to trade, depending on your trade size.

We take 20% of profits.

In current market conditions, with your R1m SDA allowance, you can expect to make between R10,000 and – R20,000 on a R100,000 investment in 4 – 6 weeks. With your R10m FIA allowance you can make between R100,000 and R200,000 on an investment of R150,000 – R200,000 in 6 – 12 months.

BitDirect was the first company in South Africa to offer arbitrage services. We have completed more than 8,000 profitable trades over the past 3 years, and traded more than R2bn. Every trade has been profitable.

R100,000 is the minimum investment.

Yes, your funds are held by our banking partner in an account in your name which you can access at any time.

General Questions

BitDirect will pay you 0.5% of the purchase amount of any customer that you refer. This is for the life of the customer, and for all transactions.

1. Register with BitDirect
2. Deposit ZAR into the bank account allocated to you.
3. Purchase bitcoin
4. Withdraw bitcoin

Bitdirect is a Bitcoin Brokerage that links directly to multiple bitcoin exchanges around the world. We use each customer’s annual foreign exchange allowance which allows us to secure the best pricing in a safe and secure manner.

Foreign Exchange Fee: 0.5% + R250 SWIFT Fee
Trade / Purchase Fees: 2.5 %
Bitcoin Withdraw Fees: 0.0005 BTC

You only need a wallet if you wish to withdraw your bitcoin from BitDirect. If you do not withdraw your bitcoin after your purchase they are stored offline in a bank vault until you request them.

We recommend that people invest in a Bitcoin Trezor hardware wallet to store their bitcoins. People need to understand the magnitude of this facility as it allows each person to be their own bank. If you lose the Trezor and the backup codes (“seed”) it means that you have lost your bitcoins for good.

At this stage we only offer the facility to buy bitcoin, we suggest you use the likes of Luno or Localbitcoins if you wish to sell them. We will be introducing the ability to sell your bitcoin in the near future.


The minimum is R50k with a maximum of R1m per calendar year. If you would like to use your R10m Foreign Investment Allowance, we can assist with that.

There is 0.5% Foreign Exchange fee as we convert your ZAR in to USD, and there is a R250 SWIFT charge for the conversion of ZAR to USD.

Your deposit is held in USD but displayed in both ZAR and USD. Your ZAR balance might fluctuate depending on the USD/ZAR exchange rate.

You can either make another deposit to reach the R50k limit, or have your funds returned to at a cost of 5% and that can take 10 business days

You will be allocated with your own unique forex bank account number once you are verified. EFT is the only method we accept for funding your account.

Please use your surname as the deposit reference

Usually within 48 hours. Weekend deposits will commence on Monday morning


Our legal representatives have been in direct contact with the South African Reserve Bank. All aspects of BitDirect’s operations and our partners comply with South African Law to the extent necessary and applicable.

There currently is no regulation for bitcoin brokers and exchanges in South Africa, however we have opted to operate like a regulated financial services company. We will follow any of the requirements set out by the South African Reserve Bank or any regulatory body as they are introduced.

We operate on full reserve execution only basis. We will be introducing an independent audit which can verify that customers bitcoin balances match the number of bitcoin in the bank vault.

Account Opening

Up to 24 hours, weekend accounts will begin processing on Monday

Tax Regulations require us to collect information about each investor’s tax residency. In certain circumstances (including if we do not receive a valid self-certification from you) we may be obliged to share information on your account with SARS. If you have any questions about your tax residency, please contact your tax advisor.

The South African reserve Bank allows each South African to send up to R1m offshore each calendar year without a tax clearance certificate.

Special dispensation is needed from the South African Reserve Bank to send more than R1m offshore in a calendar year. Please send an email to with the following information:

1. 3 years personal income statement
2. Proof of the funds in the bank account.
3. Tax clearance certificate (if you have one)

You need proof of address (not more than 3 months old) and a copy of your South African ID book / ID card (not passport) or International Passport for non-South African citizens.

Types of Proof of address are:

  • Bank statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • Municipal rates & taxes
  • Telephone or mobile phone account
  • Body Corporate statement
  • Insurance statement
  • Statement of account issued by retail store
  • Lease or rental agreement
  • Investment account
  • The document must not be older than 3 months


The minimum purchase is R100.
The are no charges when making a purchase.

BitDirect links directly to live exchanges where the price is constantly moving, so you might receive a slightly different price. This tends to be a small amount.


No you don’t, only if you wish to sell them or store them elsewhere.

Yes, unless the account balance is less than R100. There is also a 5% charge for withdrawing unused ZAR. Our suggestion would be to purchase bitcoin with your remaining balance and to sell it on Luno or LocalBitcoins.

The available balance in your account must exceed R100, and the cost is 5%.

It costs 0.0005 BTC per withdrawal.